ART ROOM is the place where children and adults can fully express their inner talent, relax, and build their confidence. 

We are committed to provide the professional art education, art activities, and art workshops to help students build an artistic vision, enhance their skills, and encourage their creativity.


Drawing   Painting & Beyond
2731 Maple Ave       Lisle, IL 60532          (630) 778 9825

A Fine Arts School for Children and Adults
"Art Room gives me a great experience to learn about art and appreciate it.  Mrs. Li is a great teacher, she never makes you draw a certain way but she helps you when you need it."
                                          Robin 10 yr
"I like coming to the art studio to make beautiful art that showcases my personality and hanging with friends that are bright and creative."  
                                     Elizabeth 10 yr
"I like art because you can draw how you feel inside.  You can express yourself with color. And have your own ideas and unique things in your art.  It's so fun."
                                     Shannon 10 yr
"Art is FUN, because I get to spend time with friends."                           
                                        Charlie 7 yr
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